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Whole Wheat Waffles

Makes about eight 7-inch round waffles

Like many of you, I grew up with waffles made from a packaged baking mix. They really are very good. Occasionally, I experimented with making my own from scratch, but always went back to the mix. However, it has become increasingly important for me to control all of the ingredients that I use in a recipe, so I decided to find a waffle recipe that is quick, delicious, and every bit as easy as using the mix. After I developed my basic waffles recipe, which is in the similar and related recipes links, I decided to go one step further and create a healthier version. This recipe is even more delicious because the whole wheat adds flavor and natural sweetness, as well as more nutrients and fiber. Additionally, I use a sugar substitute, which lowers the calories and is appropriate for those on low sugar diets. I also cut down on the butter, but not the flavor, by using an equal part of canola oil, which is a healthier choice of fat. I always use nonfat fat milk, but you can use 1% or 2% reduced fat. And, if desired, the whole eggs can be replaced with egg whites.

Whole Wheat Waffles Recipe Photo

Even people who are not concerned about what they eat will love these waffles. For a 100% whole wheat version, see the notes below.


Place the flour, sugar and baking powder in a medium bowl and whisk with a wire whisk to combine well. Add the eggs, butter, oil and 1-1/2 cups of the milk; beat with the whisk just until smooth. Add more milk as needed to thin the batter to a pouring consistency, being careful to keep it thick. Heat your waffle iron and bake according to manufacturer's directions. Serve immediately.

Notes: The batter can be made the night before, covered and refrigerated. Add a little more milk before baking if it has become too thick. Waffles freeze very well. Just bake them a little lighter than usual, let them cool on a wire rack, wrap individual portions in waxed paper and place in a freezer bag. To heat, just toast the waffle in the toaster oven until lightly browned. If you are making the waffles for a savory presentation, such as Chicken and Waffles (see the similar and related links), omit the sugar and vanilla.

100% Whole Wheat Variation: Since I first made this recipe, I gradually substituted more whole wheat flour for the all-purpose and I now use it exclusively. If you are used to the flavor of whole wheat, use the 2 cups. White whole wheat flour is a good choice for a milder flavor. I also use all canola oil in place of the butter and I do not miss the butter flavor. Additionally, I have used one whole egg and two egg whites and that works as well.