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Copyright Statement

This site, including any and all contents within the domain, may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission and appropriate credit given, with the sole exception of personal, non-published, non-commercial, non-profit use. Written, designed, maintained and Copyright © 1996-2018 by Teri Ranck Foster. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy does not incorporate the use of Internet cookies, nor does it gather personal information of any kind without the knowledge of the visitor. In submitted shared recipes, the contributor has the choice to include any personal information, such as an email address. Email addresses are never sent to other parties or used for solicitation. Optional personal information provided is for informational purposes only.


This site contains links to other sites of similar interest that are totally separate from and have no affiliation with Teri's Kitchen. Wherever possible, those sites are thoroughly checked for content before a link is made. However, this site cannot be held responsible for any changes in content which might be unsuitable. Additionally, visitors concerned with privacy issues should read the policies on those sites. Links to external websites not affiliated with Teri's Kitchen do not necessarily conform to the privacy policy posted above.

Unless otherwise stated, shared recipes submitted by visitors, posted on the Shared Family Recipes page, have not been tested by this website and, therefore, I cannot attest to their accuracy. Additionally, Teri's Kitchen cannot be held responsible for any violation of copyright law by visitor submitted recipes. Any party having valid rights to a shared recipe submitted by a visitor should send a statement to the contributor's email address, if included on the recipe, and to Teri's Kitchen.