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Egg Recipes

This is a personal family collection of egg recipes, a few that were passed down through several generations of my Pennsylvania Dutch family, some that came from Italian friends, and others of my own creation. The egg is, quite possibly, the most versatile edible product known to man. It can be poached, fried, scrambled, pickled, made into different types of omelets or salads, hard-cooked, eaten hot or cold and, of course, used in baking and many other preparations. Despite what we were told in the past, we now know that eggs are an excellent source of protein and relatively low in fat. I often make eggs when I want a light, vegetarian dinner. When eaten in moderation, eggs are a frugal and healthy choice, whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or an occasional snack. When purchasing eggs, make certain none of the eggs are cracked, always check the "best by" date and, to be safe, use before that time. As for recipes that call for consuming raw eggs, if that is a concern for you or a family member, purchase pasteurized eggs, which are safe. I hope you will enjoy my recipes.


Poached, Fried or Scrambled


Quiches and Casseroles

Salads, Sandwiches and Wraps
Hard-Cooked, Deviled or Pickled

Yorkshire Pudding and Eggnog

Shared Egg Recipes from Contributors

Hard-Cooked Eggs Photo
Hard-Cooked Eggs

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Eggs Poached in Tomatoes (Italian Eggs in Purgatory)

Eggs Poached in Tomatoes Photo