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Mother's Day Recipes and Menus

Mothers are very special and deserve all of the thanks we can give for the many things they do throughout our lifetime. My mother is no longer with us, but I still celebrate the day in her honor, serving some of her favorite foods each year. I have posted two menus that are easy and delicious. If Dad and the kids want to surprise Mom but are somewhat challenged in the kitchen, they can easily prepare and serve either meal with confidence. The breakfast menu features scrambled eggs with vegetables, an easy cinnamon toast that my mother made for us when we were young, and seasonal fruit topped with mascarpone cream. For dinner, I decided to feature crab cakes, one of the main dishes my mother requested most often for a special occasion. The side dishes are the perfect accompaniments and require minimal preparation. The simple but delicious dessert features a homemade or store-bought pound cake topped with a springtime favorite, strawberries. For additional choices, similar recipe links are included on each individual recipe page. If you still do not find what you are looking for, you can use the search boxes provided or browse the Recipe Files for many more ideas. I hope you and your mother will enjoy.


Mother's Day Breakfast Menu Mother's Day Dinner Menu
Flowers Image

Breakfast Menu

Fruit or Vegetable Juice

Scrambled Eggs with Peppers,
Tomatoes and Basil

Easy Cinnamon Toast

Fresh Fruit and Berries
served with
Mascarpone Cream

Coffee or Tea

Preparation Notes: This is a very simple breakfast menu that Dad can prepare with minimal effort and include the children in the process. Very young children can do tasks such as rinsing the berries and mixing the mascarpone cream. Older children can cut the fruit and vegetables, pour the juice or coffee, make the toast and help prepare the eggs. To serve the breakfast in bed, place a linen napkin on a bed tray and add a small bud vase (or glass) with two or three beautiful cut flowers. If Mom prefers to eat at the dining room table, as mine did, set the table in the same manner.

Dinner Menu

Crab Cakes
(with optional roasted red pepper sauce)

Orzo Pilaf

Wilted Baby Spinach Leaves
with Garlic and Parmesan

Pound Cake with Strawberries
and Whipped Cream

made with
store-bought or homemade
Old-Fashioned Pound Cake

Preparation Notes: This is an elegant dinner menu that is easy enough for even the novice cook and preparation time is minimal. If using homemade pound cake, make it at least the day before, cool, wrap with plastic wrap and store as directed in the recipe. In the morning, prepare the strawberries and refrigerate. Make the red pepper sauce and refrigerate. The crab cakes can be mixed, formed, covered and refrigerated until needed. If using homemade whipped cream, prepare it and refrigerate several hours ahead as suggested in the tips. Before dinner, cook the orzo and fry the crab cakes as directed. Keep both warm while making the spinach. That is it. Even if Mom ends up helping with the preparations, as she often does, she can relax and enjoy her day.

Crab Cakes (with optional roasted red pepper sauce)

Crab Cakes Recipe Photo