Pusharatas (Sweet Slovenian Fried Pastries)

(Shared recipe submitted by Dyan Cuevas Bruneau.)

Dyan writes: "Recently, a friend asked me to make her some Pusharatas and it started me looking online for the recipe. I knew I had the recipe, but thought it would be easier to find a copy online. After a couple hours, I found that no recipe for Pusharatas exists online at all, no server, no way, no how. I would like you to know more about this rare delight. I first tasted a Pusharata at the annual festival of the Ladies Slovenian Lodge, in Biloxi, Mississippi. These are made by the Slavonic ladies in Biloxi at special occasions. I saw these nut-like treats with the white icing on them and had to have one. The first bite was a mouthful of many wonderful tastes and I never forgot that taste. I was given a recipe about 17 years ago and put it up in my many recipe books. Since the recipe does not exist online, I wanted to make sure this great treat does not die out, because it is one of the many things that make Biloxi so great. They are a delicious treat and worth the effort to make a big pile. You will thank yourself when you take a bite."


Combine all ingredients. If mixture is too thick, add a tiny amount of milk. Use a tablespoon and drop into hot oil. Remove when golden brown, onto paper towels for a few minutes, then glaze with a mixture of powdered sugar and a little evaporated milk, just enough to make icing for the glazing.

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