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Tomato Sandwiches with Bacon, Cucumbers and Cheese

Makes 4 sandwiches

This recipe is a BCTC (bacon, cucumber, tomato and cheese) sandwich, my version of a BLT. I love the crunch and sweetness of the cucumbers, and cheese just tops it all off. I like to use cucumbers from my pickled cucumber salad, which is in the similar and related recipes links, because it adds a little sweet and sour flavor, but plain sliced cucumbers are equally good. I also like to add some dehydrated chopped onion. It adds a nice flavor without overpowering like fresh onion. No matter how you make this sandwich recipe, it is a quick, easy, healthy and delicious main dish for lunch or a light dinner and a great way to use tomatoes from your garden or the local farmers' market.

Tomato Sandwiches Recipe Photo

Toast the bread to desired darkness. Spread one side of each piece of toast with mayonnaise. Top half of the slices each with tomatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper, then cheese, cucumbers and bacon. Top with the other slices of toast. Cut in half and serve immediately.

Notes: When I use the cucumber salad, I add some of the onions from the salad to the sandwiches. They are very mellow from pickling. I also garnish with fresh basil when I have it on hand, and I rarely make a sandwich without adding some hot pickled peppers. This sandwich is especially good with whole wheat bread.