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Holiday and Special Occasion Recipes and Menus

This is a personal family collection of recipes and menus for holidays and other special occasions. They are some of my favorites because they usually go with a gathering of family and good friends. All of the menus include links to the recipes and, in most cases, preparation and presentation notes. If you celebrate a holiday that you would like to see included, or would like to contribute something to those listed, send your ideas to Teri's Kitchen.



Christmas Eve and Day

New Year's Eve and Day

Summer Holidays
(Memorial, Independence and Labor Day)
Miscellaneous Holidays
(Easter, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Columbus Day)

Shared Holiday Recipes and Menus from Visitors
Big Bird Birthday Cake Recipe Photo
Big Bird Birthday Cake

Guide and Tips for Roasting Turkey

Recipes for Leftover Turkey

Homemade Turkey Stock

Guide to Dinner Planning and Preparation

Gifts from the Kitchen