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Recipes for Summer Vegetables

Every season is special in its own way, and each has its own offerings of fresh produce. In this day and age, we can get most types of produce all year long from various sources. However, local, seasonal products are usually tastier and less expensive. For example, there is no comparison between the taste of tomatoes in winter and those from your own garden or local farmers. I have chosen vegetables that are available in summer and listed some of my favorite recipes for showcasing the produce in main dishes, side dishes and other presentations in which they are the main or key ingredient. Most of the recipes are quick, easy and healthy. Although there are other types of summer vegetables, what I chose are the most popular and very easy to find. The 'Mixed Vegetables' category lists recipes that utilize two or more of the featured items. This page does not include all of the recipes posted on Teri's Kitchen that use summer vegetables. You can find more using the search box above or by browsing the Site Index.




Eggplant and Squash
Snap Beans

Corn and Cucumbers

Mixed Vegetables
Roasted Yellow Squash Recipe Photo
Roasted Yellow Squash


Baked Tomatoes with Herbs and Parmesan Cheese

Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes

Roasted Grape Tomatoes with Garlic, Basil and Olive Oil

Pennsylvania Dutch Fried Green Tomatoes

Southern Fried Green Tomatoes

Homemade Tomato Salsa

Homemade Green Tomato Relish

Chunky Roasted Tomato Ketchup

Home Canned Tomatoes (Whole, Sauce or Juice)

Homemade Tomato Ketchup
Tomato Cream Sauce

Tomato and Onion Salad

Tomato and Bread Salad (Panzanella)

Tomato Sandwiches with Bacon, Cucumbers and Cheese

Fried Egg Sandwiches with Tomatoes, Bacon and Cheese

Chicken BLT

Tuna Sandwiches with Sliced Onions and Tomatoes

Farro with Roasted Grape Tomatoes

Sliced Fresh Tomato and Cheese Pizza

Grilled Tomato, Onion and Garlic Pizza
Pizza with Onions, Tomatoes and Ricotta Cheese

Personal Pita Pizzas with Fresh Sliced Tomatoes and Four Cheeses

Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomatoes and Peppers

Pasta Salad with Tomatoes and Vinaigrette

Pasta and Parmesan Cheese Salad

Spaghettini with Fresh Tomatoes and Herbs

Penne with Grape Tomatoes, Bacon and Mozzarella

Rigatoni with Summer Fresh Tomatoes, Pancetta and Mozzarella
Farfalle with Fresh Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Basil

Ziti with Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic

Spaghetti with Shrimp and Peas

Ravioli with Summer Fresh Tomato Sauce

Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes, Herbs and Goat Cheese

Broiled Fish Fillets with Tomato and Onion Slices

Boneless Pork Loin Chops with Chunky Tomato Sauce

Summer Fresh Tomato and Cabbage Soup


Roasted Peppers with Garlic and Basil

Marinated Red Peppers

Stuffed Green Peppers

Stuffed Red Peppers with Beef, Rice and Vegetables

Baked Peppers Stuffed with Ground Beef, Rice, Bulgur and Goat Cheese

Czechoslovakian Pepper Steak

Braised Chicken and Sausage with Peppers and Mushrooms

Pasta with Sausage, Peppers and Tomatoes
Penne with Peas, Mushrooms and Roasted Red Peppers

Savory Italian Pie with Spinach, Peppers, Meat and Cheese

Baked Pork Chops with Peppers

Pork and Red Pepper Stew

Braised Italian Sausage and Peppers with Polenta

Chinese Pepper Steak

Sautéed Tilapia with Roasted Pepper Strips

Homemade Hot Pickled Peppers
Chicken Breast Sandwiches with Peppers and Provolone Cheese

Italian Sausage Sandwiches with Peppers and Onions

Italian Omelet Sandwiches with Spinach and Roasted Red Peppers

Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches with Salami and Asiago Cheese

Roasted Pepper Sandwiches

Tortilla Sandwiches with Peppers, Onions and Cheese
Sub Sandwiches with Roasted Mushrooms, Peppers, Onions and Provolone Cheese

Roasted Pepper Pizza with Anchovy-Caper Oil

Roasted Red Pepper Butter

Three-Cheese Spinach Calzone with Prosciutto and Roasted Red Peppers

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with Capers and Dill

Eggplant and Squash

Grilled Marinated Eggplant

Roasted Eggplant Slices

Eggplant with Marinara Sauce

Light and Easy Eggplant Parmesan

Traditional Eggplant Parmesan

Three-Cheese Eggplant Rollatini

Baked Stuffed Eggplant
Eggplant Lasagna

Pasta with Eggplant and Tomato Sauce

Eggplant and Chick Pea Soup

Eggplant Parmesan Sandwiches

Grilled Eggplant, Red Pepper and Tomato Sandwiches

Eggplant Wraps with Herbed Cheese Spread
Eggplant Stew

Eggplant and Mushroom Stew

Caponata (Italian Eggplant Spread)

Squash Gratin

Roasted Yellow Squash

Roasted Zucchini

Sautéed Zucchini

Zucchini Stuffed with Ground Beef and Rice
Squash Casserole

Fried Squash

Zucchini and Rice Casserole

Baked Zucchini with Turkey Stuffing and Tomato Sauce

Zucchini Bread

Fettuccine with Zucchini Cream Sauce


Roasted Green Beans and Chick Peas Oreganato

Roasted Green Beans with Garlic and Parmesan Cheese

Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms

Buttered Green Beans with Onions
Italian Green Beans Marinara

Sautéed Green Beans with Olive Oil and Garlic

Green Beans with Bacon and Shallots

Green Beans with Bacon, Shallots and Red Wine Vinegar
Green Beans Amandine

Chinese-Style Green Beans

Green Beans and Chick Peas Marinara

Green Beans and Ham

Green Beans and Country Ham
Sweet and Sour Beans

Green Bean Soup with Sausage, Chickpeas and Tomatoes

Cannellini and Green Bean Soup with Ham and Tomatoes

Corn and Cucumbers

Corn on the Cob

Corn Fritters

Creamed Fresh Corn

Corn Salsa

Chicken and Corn Chowder
Sausage and Corn Chowder

Pickled Cucumber Salad

Creamy Cucumber Salad

Cucumber and Shrimp Spread
Cucumber-Garlic Yogurt Dip (Greek Tzatziki)

Black Bean and Corn Salad or Salsa

Roasted Salmon Fillet Sandwiches with Cucumbers and Dill
Salmon Fillets with Creamy Cucumber Sauce

Homemade Sweet Pickle Relish

Homemade Bread and Butter Pickles

Mixed Vegetables

Roasted Summer Vegetables

Summer Vegetable Medley

Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes

Zucchini and Red Pepper Frittata (Italian Omelet)

Grilled Eggplant, Red Pepper and Tomato Sandwiches
Ravioli with Roasted Zucchini, Tomatoes and Garlic

Pasta with Shrimp Primavera

Grilled Vegetable Lasagna

Roasted Green Beans with Tomatoes and Basil

Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomatoes and Peppers
Roasted Green Beans and Red Bell Peppers

Sautéed Green Beans with Bacon and Tomatoes

Fish Fillets Baked with Tomatoes, Peppers and Onions

Sautéed Fish and Vegetables

Sautéed Shrimp and Vegetables
Chow-Chow (Pennsylvania Dutch Pickled Vegetables)

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Vegetable Fajitas

Turkey with Summer Vegetables

Summer Vegetable Stew