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Roasted Summer Vegetables

Serves 4

This is a delicious, easy, healthy and very versatile Italian side dish. Use whatever mixture of vegetables that are in season or in your garden. I often add eggplant or other types of squash, as well as a few hot peppers when I want it spicy. If you are growing oregano or other herbs, such as marjoram, thyme or basil, use them instead of the dried. Make the recipe in any amount needed. Since the vegetables can be served hot, warm or room temperature, it can be made ahead and is great for a potluck event. For something a little different, see the summer vegetable medley in the similar and related recipes links.


Preheat oven to 425° F. Place all the vegetables in a large shallow roasting pan or sheet pan in a single layer. (You will probably need two pans or, if making ahead, roast in two batches.) Drizzle all over with olive oil. Roast for approximately 30 minutes or until lightly browned and tender. Place under the broiler for additional browning as desired. Place the zucchini and onions in a large bowl. Chop the peppers into bite-sized pieces, removing any loose skin. Coarsely chop the tomatoes. Add both to the bowl. Squeeze the garlic out of the peels and add to the vegetable mixture. Season with the oregano, salt and pepper. Add a little more olive oil if desired. Toss to combine. Serve hot, warm or room temperature.

Notes: Peppers and tomatoes should be roasted skin side up. For crispier vegetables, roast at 450° for 20 minutes, making certain they do not burn. If you roast the vegetables in batches, do the zucchini and/or squash first and season lightly when it comes out of the oven. You can add more seasoning when the other vegetables are done. If desired, the vegetables can be grilled instead of roasted.