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Anita's All-Purpose, Crock Pot Bean Soup

(Shared recipe submitted by Anita Glockner.)

Serves about 8

Anita writes: "I would like to submit my own, 'All-purpose, Crock Pot or Slow Cooker Bean Soup' recipe. It is simple, satisfying enough for a dieter's lunch, and good any time of the year."


The night before serving, heat water and add soup, bouillon and seasoning; mix well. Place beans in crock pot, and add water mixture, then ham hock. Cover and cook on Low overnight. It will be ready for lunch the following day. Just before serving, remove ham hock, and discard fat and bones; chop meat into somewhat small pieces, and return to mixture. Serve. Refrigerate leftovers, or freeze for later. It is always thicker and better the days after that! Enjoy!

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