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Bubble and Squeak (Mashed Potatoes and Greens)

(Shared recipe submitted by Ann M.)

Ann writes: "This is a traditional English recipe for using up leftover greens and potatoes. Mothers used to make it on Mondays, using the remains of the Sunday lunch, as it was easy to do, and Monday was the traditional washing day. You either love it or hate it. The essential ingredients are potatoes and greens, but other additions are good, particularly roast onions or leeks. The darker the cabbage you put in, the better the finished product. The original recipe calls for the bubble and squeak to be fried, and the name refers to the sounds it makes as it is cooking. However, frying makes it a bit greasy, and the pan is awfully hard to clean afterwards. I gave it to my American friend a couple of years ago, and he reckoned it was fine, providing you could ignore the fact that it was green."

Take cooked greens, and chop them up fine in a bowl, with any cooked vegetable you have. Add mashed potatoes, plenty of salt and pepper, and turn into an oiled grill (broiler) pan. Brush the top with oil and grill (broil) until brown. Turn it over, so that the bottom is browned, and serve with sausages or bacon and plenty of ketchup.

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