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Corn on the Cob

(Shared recipe submitted by Beth Granger.)

Beth writes: "These are additional ideas for your corn on the cob cooking ideas. (That recipe is in the similar and related recipes.)"

Grilling: Wash your corn off and then add a little bit of butter and pour barbecue sauce all over it and wrap in foil and grill. Oh my. BBQ corn is wonderful. You can add jerk liquid season to add some spice.

Microwaving: You do not have to shuck the corn or wrap it up or anything. Just throw the piece of corn in there in the husk and cook it. It is like eating steamed corn and it makes it so easy to shuck. The silk comes right off. Cooking time varies depending on how many you put in to cook and microwave wattage. Cook on high and if you have more than one or two pieces in there you may want to turn them half way through cooking.

About Beth: Beth is from Tallahassee, Florida. Not only does she love cooking, she loves chimps and spends part of her time helping the unwanted ones. Ask her about it. Her e-mail address is

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