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Western North Carolina Barbecue Slaw

(Shared recipe submitted by Frank Barrett.)

Frank writes: "I don't cook like some people do. I do things until they look right or taste right and don't measure too many things. There may be some people from North Carolina, or who have passed through North Carolina, and have tried NC style barbecue or a NC favorite called Liver Mush (see recipe linked below). The key to Western NC-style BBQ is the slaw served with the BBQ or on the BBQ sandwich. Just prepare your BBQ meat the same way you normally would and serve the way you normally would but do it with Western NC BBQ slaw."

Here goes. Use your food processor or grater to make a finely chopped cabbage base to begin with. The rest is simple. Add ketchup until it is pink. Add sugar until it is almost sweet. You can use white sugar, brown sugar, honey or molasses, your choice. Add black or red pepper to taste and mix it all together. You can add Tabasco sauce if you want a bit more heat. DON'T put salt on the mixture. Salt draws out the water from the cabbage and makes it watery. Let each person put their own salt on at the time they eat it. Then serve it as a side dish or, if you are eating the BBQ as sandwiches, just scoop it on as a sandwich topping with dill or sweet pickles. A well smoked pork or beef BBQ sandwich with this as a topping is as tasty as the Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful.

About Frank: Frank is a North Carolina transplant to Metro Atlanta, GA. His e-mail address is

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