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Liver Mush

(Shared recipe submitted by Frank Barrett.)

Frank writes: "A tasty morsel from Western North Carolina is something called Liver Mush. Here again there are no measurements. You just make things and add them in to taste. Liver mush is a poor man's breakfast food served with eggs, or you can eat it as a sandwich meat. It tastes best to me cold on a sandwich with mustard and sliced as thick as you like it, or slice it up and fry it in a little oil or bacon drippings for eggs or as a sandwich. You have to like liver to like this but, if you like liver, you will love it."


Now, here is how I make it. Fry up some liver (any liver) and put it in your food processor or grate it until it is very finely ground. Then make up a batch of grits and use a little less water to make the grits stiff. Put the grits in a mixing bowl and add sage and pepper or even red pepper to taste. You can play with the spices that you may like for taste. Put in enough liver to make it brown and use a hand mixer to mix it up well. Just slowly mix and add the liver. Put in two eggs for every two cups of liver mush mixture and continue to mix. You can salt it to taste in this process if desired. Once the mixture is mixed well, you put it into a small loaf pan. You may want to line the loaf pan with foil or grease the pan to prevent sticking. Cook it at 350° F for about an hour. Make allowances for convection ovens as necessary. Then let it cool and turn it out as a loaf. Once you turn it out, you can put it in the refrigerator until ready to use. Slice and fry, or slice and eat as a sandwich meat, cold or hot. You can even vary the spices and make an Italian version.

About Frank: Frank is a North Carolina transplant to Metro Atlanta, GA. His e-mail address is

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