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Bagged Omelets

(Shared recipe submitted by Frank Barrett.)

Frank writes: "This is a quick and easy way to make omelets with almost no clean up."


We all know how messy omelets can be to make and clean up afterwards. This will make things easy and everyone can have exactly what they want in their omelet. You don't even have to cook it for the family but it might be good if you did for the young ones. What you will need are some food storage bags. What I use are the storage bags for bread that have the twister ties in the box. The key is easy clean up and do it all in one cooking step. Depending on the number of people you want to feed and their taste in omelets you can prepare some key ingredients ahead of time.

Anything you like in an omelet as a filling will work. Some suggestions are:

Put two or three eggs in some small bowls for each person and beat them up, or let them do it. They then add the ingredients they want from the list above, or whatever you want them to have, and stir them in. They can also add things like salt and pepper, hot sauce or other seasonings. Then they just pour the ingredients into a bag. Squeeze out all the excess air, twist the top and use the twister tie to close them. Fold over the top before putting on the twister tie for a better seal.

The rest is easy. You put the bags in a pot of boiling water and let them cook till they are done to your liking. Well done works best for me. When they are done you clip off the top with scissors, remove the omelet onto a plate to serve with toast, biscuits or whatever else you have for a great breakfast. It is just that simple and you have nothing to clean up but the plates, silverware and whatever you used to make the condiments.

Nothing sticks to anything so you will not need any cooking spray or oils and the product tastes just fine. You may even find that a two-egg omelet is just as big as a three-egg omelet done the conventional way. Do it your way and I am sure you will enjoy this idea in the kitchen.

If you have doubts about using plastic to cook in, then you may wish to contact the manufacturer of the bags you intend to use, the CDC, your personal doctor or other medical authority. Medical sources have said that the use of some plastics to cook in can cause medical problems. So, be sure to make an informed decision before you try this if you have any concerns.

About Frank: Frank is a North Carolina transplant to Metro Atlanta, GA. His e-mail address is

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