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Glen's Family's Scrapple

(Shared recipe submitted by Glen.)

Glen writes: "This is how my Dad's folks, from Pennsylvania, made scrapple. Enjoy."

They used tongue, heart, liver, and kidney, along with salt, pepper, and maybe a little sage. (Mom gave the kidneys to Grandma, but Grandpa used them for bait, so they were rarely used in the scrapple.) Gelatin from the bones held the scrapple together for slicing. Not much grain was added to it, just enough to help it set for slicing. It is really good if it breaks apart and browns off. To fry, you coat in in flour, just like cornmeal mush. Or you can just take a chunk out of the freezer and simmer with some water. It will break down and make a meat spread. You can cover your pancakes with a layer of it. Add butter, and real maple syrup. Nowadays, I use pork shoulders to make scrapple. It is easier. You can use a pressure cooker. The first step is to cook the meat without seasonings. When done, debone and chop up. There is no need for grinding. Basically, you are making pulled pork minus the extra work.

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