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Pecan Tarts

(Shared recipe submitted by Graeme Robertson.)

Graeme writes: "This one is so easy to make and so delicious. I collected it in New Zealand when I was there last. You can use the recipe to make a larger tart. Try it, they are sensual!"


   Pastry    Filling

Make the pastry in the food processor with the butter, flour and icing sugar. Roll into small balls and press into small muffin tins to form a case. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Fill with broken pieces of pecans, then melt the 60 grams of butter. Mix into that the brown sugar and egg. Cover the pecans with the mixture then bake.

About Graeme: Graeme lives in Australia and is a pastry/chef by trade, but no longer works in the industry. His e-mail address is

Disclaimer: This recipe was submitted by a visitor and has not been tested by Teri's Kitchen. The corresponding e-mail address may no longer be valid.

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