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Bean and Bread Soup with Apple Pie

(Shared recipe submitted by Heather Hostetler.)

Heather writes: "My husband is a Dutchman (Pennsylvania Dutch) and he told me this recipe. His mother used to make it every Sunday. It is not an exact science, I don't know exact amounts. It all depends on how many you want to feed. I can make it better than I can describe it. It sounded disgusting at first, but he made it the first time so I tried it. It was very good. He showed me how, so now about once a month I make it for him. The kids love it because they are guaranteed their dessert."


Rinse, soak, and cook the beans as directed. Break the bread into chunks, and set aside to dry. When the beans are done, drain, and add about 4 to 6 cups of milk. It depends on how much bread you have. The bread should only be mushy, not soupy. Bring the milk and beans to a boil. Remove from heat. In large serving bowl place bread, pour milk and bean mixture over the entire surface. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes until the milk is mostly absorbed. Serve in large soup bowls with pie on one side of bowl, soup right next to it on the other.

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