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Kahlua Cake

(Shared recipe submitted by Ida Pletz.)

Ida writes: "This is very easy to make and very good. Enjoy!"


Bake cake according to package directions. You can either bake it in two round pans or in one large pan. You will have to cut the cake in half if you choose one large pan.

Make pudding as directed on box. Crush the heath bars so that they are crumbly. (I use a blender for this.)

After cake is cooled, crumble cake in large pieces so that you can still spread the pudding on it. Put half of the cake on bottom of large bowl (a punch bowl works well). Then spread half of the chocolate pudding over this, one tub of whipped topping, and sprinkle with half of the crushed heath bars. Drizzle half of the Kahlua over this layer. Repeat the layering one more time.

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