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Three Variations on Cornbread

(Shared recipe submitted by Irish.)

Irish writes: "These are all so simple and good. If one should like a really sweet cornbread (almost cake), then use the third variation."

Ingredient Note: It is not the policy of this website to promote one brand of product over another. However, Irish is specific about the brand of mixes used because the contents of the boxes differ in amount. Therefore, Variation One produces different results than Variation Three because Jiffy contains less cake mix than brands such as Duncan Hines. If you prefer another brand, compare the net weight before using.

Variation One

Prepare both mixes as instructed on box. Combine and bake as muffins.

Variation Two

Prepare mixes as instructed on box. Combine and bake.

Variation Three

Prepare mixes as instructed on box. Combine and bake.

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