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Variations on Potato Filling

(Shared recipe submitted by Jim Flannery.)

Jim writes: "Just thought I would share a couple of variations of potato stuffing with you that have been in my family for generations. They are our favorites! The first, I introduced to the town in Vietnam where I taught school in the mid-sixties, and it spread like wildfire throughout Vietnam and Laos. Whilst driving my motorcycle in Laos, 500 km from where I lived, I was asked if I was the American who cooks.... "Yes!" They wanted to know if they were making THIS recipe correctly. How proud I was! I hope you enjoy both recipes! They both go well with turkey, chicken or pork, or even by themselves."

Variation One

This can be eaten right away if you are hungry, or bake it. It stores well. By the way, a Lithuanian in-law has this exact recipe in her family!

Variation Two

   Mash potatoes. Mix in the following:
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Grease a round baking dish, and form the stuffing into a 'pie', baking until there is a thin brown crust on top and lining the baking dish.

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