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Fruit NoName (Raspberries with Yogurt and Cream Brûlée)

(Shared recipe submitted by John Overholt.)

Serves 4

John writes: "Sheila got this out of Good Housekeeping and we had it after I had done a Chinese mess for two friends. We ate the whole thing and that is something as I'm not a great dessert eater. It doesn't have a name, so let's call it Fruit NoName. Deeeeeeeeelish!" (In an effort to describe John's dessert for those interested and to aid in searches, I gave it a specific title. I hope he approves.)


Place the raspberries into 4 ramekins or in a 9-inch broiler-safe pie dish. Fold together the whipped cream and yoghurt. Spoon over the berries and chill for 2 hours. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons (8 if making one large) over the top of each and grill (broil) for 1 minute or so until the sugar caramelises.

Notes: Sheila used fresh berries but frozen might be okay. Then again they may be too 'wet'. The topping is like a crème brûlée. You could use a cooking blowtorch thing. I thought this was good under the grill (broiler) as it didn't take a pneumatic drill to get through it!

Additional Notes: Greek yogurt is available at most grocery stores. If you cannot find it, use regular. Place it in a strainer lined with a coffee filter, refrigerate, and let drain for one to several hours. Additionally, if you cannot find double cream, which is popular in England, use heavy cream, which has a little lower fat content.

About John: John is a very good e-mail friend from England, which explains the British spellings and ingredients in his recipes. We have had many conversations about cooking and I am delighted that he decided to share some of the mouth-watering recipes he mentions in his correspondence. He is a great cook. I know he would appreciate hearing from you. His e-mail address is

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