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Simple Sugar Syrup

(Shared recipe submitted by John Overholt.)

John writes: "This syrup is very useful for sweetening fruit (stewed rhubarb or plums for example), fruit salad, half a grapefruit, etc. For the proper taste it is most important to use unrefined sugar. Ordinary white granulated simply gives a sweet taste and not the subtle, delicate and slightly caramel-like nuttiness of unrefined. I got the recipe from a rum bottle!!!"


Place the 2 ingredients in a large glass jug or mixing bowl (not metal) and stir until dissolved. Cover and leave for 24 hours. Sterilise a suitable glass container - I use a 1 litre stoppered bottle, but a glass Coke bottle with a screw top would be quite satisfactory. Transfer the liquid to this container and keep in a cool place. Do NOT refrigerate. Use as and when required.

About John: John is a very good e-mail friend from England, which explains the British spellings and ingredients in his recipes. We have had many conversations about cooking and I am delighted that he decided to share some of the mouth-watering recipes he mentions in his correspondence. He is a great cook. I know he would appreciate hearing from you. His e-mail address is

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