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Soft Boiled Eggs on Smoked Salmon, Lettuce and Tomatoes

(Shared recipe submitted by Ko van Maldegem.)

Serves 4

Ko writes: "Many greetings from the dolls, the windmills and the wooden shoes country! I'm a crazy cooking monster from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, so there is no doubt that the following recipe is 100% Dutch. Here it follows, my recipe for happy people (they love it in Amsterdam). It is a starter meal course and very, very easy to prepare."


Boil the eggs for about 3 minutes and peel carefully. Leave the peeled eggs in not too hot water until you use them (the eggs should stay soft inside).

Mix the sour cream, tomato-ketchup, whisky and the cayenne pepper. Lay in the middle of four big plates the slices of smoked salmon, and lay around it the lettuce with on top of the lettuce the tomato slices. Spread the sauce on top of the smoked salmon and on top of the tomato slices (in this recipe it is better to have a lot of sauce than having not enough). And then, of course, in the middle of that all, 1 egg on each plate; add some salt. Serve with toasted Dutch bread and Dutch farmers butter and, if desired, 2 bottles of white German wine, not too dry and not too sweet (like Riesling), and....a bouquet of beautiful Dutch yellow tulips. This recipe is also delicious for a Sunday's spring brunch.

About Ko: As Ko stated, he is from the Netherlands. His recipes are Dutch, not to be confused with Pennsylvania 'Dutch' cooking, which is of German heritage. His e-mail address is

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