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Adapted Pea Soup from Pea Soupy Country

(Shared recipe submitted by Ko van Maldegem.)

Ko writes: "I must admit that I never made pea soup in my life. As a little boy, my mother sometimes made it from dry peas and fresh pork. Here is an adaptation to prepare a nice Dutch pea soup."


Take 3 pints of cold water, throw all the ingredients in the cold water, wait until boiling and let it boil during 5 minutes. Continue to simmer for 2 hours on low flame (it should not boil anymore). Then take it from the flame and refrigerate until next day dinner hour. Warm it up, add possibly some extra herbs or pepper or salt, and serve with German black bread and salted butter. Give mineral water, Heineken beer or dry white wine with it (but certainly not red wine or cola).

About Ko: Ko is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His recipes are Dutch, not to be confused with Pennsylvania 'Dutch' cooking which is of German heritage. His e-mail address is

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