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Mark's Scrapple

(Shared recipe submitted by Mark A Voelker.)

Mark writes: "I finally found a reference to 'punhaus' (as I spell it). My Mom is from Pittsburgh and many of my Dad's relatives come from the Midwest, and I grew up with ponhaus often served for breakfast. Even today, when I get the cravings for it, I spend an evening or weekend morning making a batch, so that I have some for the next week or so. It's simple to make but really good and meaty, with a great combination of soft and crunchy chewiness. I'm surprised there aren't more places that serve it."

My version is simpler than what you have on your website (see the similar and related recipes). The only spices I use are salt and pepper. I just boil up a pound of cheap pork chops (with the fat on them) until the meat falls of the bone, and let it cool. Then with my fingers I break apart the meat and mash up the fat, removing the bone and any gristle. Then I dump in the cornmeal and cook it until it is real stiff (spoon stands up on its own) and pour the mixture into a casserole or loaf pan, and refrigerate overnight. The next morning I slice it about 1/4-inch thick and brown it in oil, usually corn or canola oil. YUM!!! It replaces both toast and bacon or sausage. Eggs 'n' punhaus! Delicious!

About Mark: Mark lives in Emeryville CA. His e-mail address is

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