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Quick Orange Glazed Pecans

(Shared recipe submitted by Mary Ellen Vasquez.)

Mary Ellen writes: "I was reading your Christmas recipes and the pecan recipe (in the similar and related recipes) reminded me of a really good, quick microwave pecan recipe to make and give at Christmas. Several years ago, a friend made these and gave me some in a mason jar with a handle. She had put a bow on top, along with a copy of the recipe and I was delighted! I know you'll love these as they are so quick to make and taste and look like they were bought."


Mix all together and put in a 10x14-inch microwave dish and cook on high 6 to 8 minutes, stirring every 2 minutes until bubbly and brown. (See notes below about microwave cooking times.) Spread on buttered cookie sheet or foil until completely cool. Put into air-tight jar to store. Pints with handles make great Christmas presents with a bow on top.

Notes: Cooking time and setting depends on microwave wattage. If you have a high wattage microwave, use a lower setting and check the pecans more often. The sugar has to boil and the pecans will begin to look like they are burning as they brown, but they are not so watch very closely. If making more than one batch, start with a clean dish or the sugar left in the bowl will burn.

About Mary Ellen: Mary Ellen has been collecting "quickie" recipes since the 1960's because she is always in a hurry to get out of the kitchen. These are some she wanted to share. Her e-mail address is

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