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Working Mom's Beef Roast

(Shared recipe submitted by Marsha K.)

Marsha writes: "Even though I am now retired, this roast recipe still is a favorite! The entire meal is in one pan. All you have left to do is make the gravy (I cheat and buy it in a jar), set the table, call the family to dinner and enjoy this delicious meal! Don't buy an expensive cut of beef. Because it cooks for such a length of time, any cut will come out nice and tender."


Put the roast in a 13x9-inch pan. Pour the mushroom soup over top and 'frost' the beef roast. Some of it will fall into the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle the dry onion soup mix over the roast and splash the Worcestershire sauce over top. Place the onion pieces, potato wedges and carrots around the roast. (Sometimes, I also add some cabbage wedges.) Cover the pan tightly in heavy duty foil. Bake at 250° F for 10 hours. Yes, that's right....10 hours! The meat will fall apart when you are ready to serve it. This beats any other way I have ever fixed a roast and it's been a favorite with my family and friends for years.

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