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Potato Pancakes

(Shared recipe submitted by Martha.)

Martha wanted to share this recipe and a tip about using leftover mashed potatoes.


I put small amounts of mashed potatoes in sandwich bags in the freezer. When I have enough of them, I thaw them out, mix them with an egg, salt and pepper and enough flour so they have the consistency of drop-cookie dough, being careful not to mix too much. The mixture is then spoon-dropped into oil in a frying pan. Take a fork, dip the ends of the tines in the hot oil in the pan and tap the tops of these lumps so they make little pancakes. Fry until golden brown on one side, then turn and brown on the other side. Only turn them once or they will become too greasy.

Variation: For heartier mashed potato pancakes, and if you have some leftover corn, add it to the batter. Both versions are great and make nice accompaniments to any meal.

Disclaimer: This recipe was submitted by a visitor and has not been tested by Teri's Kitchen.

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