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New Year's Day Open House

(Shared Menu and Decorating Suggestions Submitted by Mary Quaglia)

Mary writes: "I always have an open house for New Year's Day. It starts at noon time and friends and family drift in and out until about eight o'clock at night. I started it after we got married. My husband's birthday is January 1st and his Mom always had an open house on New Years. After we got married, it became our tradition."

I have an assortment of appetizers, fruits, vegetables, dips, chips, etc., in addition to sandwich platters (nothing with mayo in case someone is hung over from the night before), lasagna and salad. I do not serve beer or wine. I figure everyone had enough the night before! I also have an assortment of desserts and a lot of people bring their favorite thing to share with everyone. We have the house decorated with streamers, party hats and noisemakers (the kids love those). It is always a great day - not too formal, relaxed and full of friends and family!

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About Mary: Mary is from Cumberland, Rhode Island. Her e-mail address is

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