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Turkey Parmesan Lasagna

(Shared recipe submitted by Ruth A. Burbage.)

"Ruth wrote an interesting story about preparing turkey cutlet sandwiches for a crowd that never showed up. It really shows ingenuity in using leftovers. The original recipe and what she did with the leftovers follow."

For the cutlets, I dipped them in egg and milk, breaded with Italian breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan cheese and then baked them about 20 to 25 minutes at 325° F. I had put about a tablespoon of butter on the cookie sheet, melted and spread it around, and laid them on top. Sprayed the tops with a little Pam and they turned out great.

The kids did not come, so with the leftover turkey cutlets I made what I guess you could call 'Turkey Parmesan Lasagna' the next day. I thawed a package of my Italian Sausage and Meatball Spaghetti Sauce, cooked up some angel hair pasta and then layered the casserole with sauce, pasta, turkey, cottage cheese, (I really prefer ricotta, but didn't have any), more sauce, and topped it with shredded mozzarella cheese. Baked it covered for about 30 minutes and then uncovered for the last 10 minutes. It turned out wonderful. Thank goodness for a well-stocked freezer and pantry.

About Ruth: Ruth has published two cookbooks. The first is HAPPY COOKING With Friends & Family. She graciously sent me a copy and it is wonderful, with over 700 recipes. Her newest book is Now You're Cooking with Ruth's Ramblings, which is also the title of her monthly newsletter. If you are interested in purchasing a book, feel free to e-mail her at She will tell you all about it.

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