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Chicken Corn Pie

(Shared recipe submitted by Sandy Lampe.)

Sandy writes: "It's quite a surprise to see your Corn Pie recipe (in the similar and related recipes). My kids just asked me to make chicken corn pie for one of my daughter's birthday dinner. And my sister has been asking me to make the chicken corn pie for her, since she was out of town when we had it for the birthday."

My mom always used chicken for the meat, precooked potatoes cut up into small squares, corn (usually canned corn), milk, some of the chicken broth left from cooking the chicken, lots of butter, salt and pepper, and some sliced hard-boiled eggs placed on top before adding the crust. The pie was cooked in a black iron pan with crust on top. The crust is brushed with milk to get a nice brown when in the oven. Mine, I must say, is as good as hers. She would say so too, if she were still with us.

About Sandy: Sandy is a cousin I discovered when searching for genealogy information on the Internet. We were able to share a lot of information about our respective family members. I am so glad she decided to add some of her recipes to the site. Her e-mail address is

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