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Easter Soup

(Shared recipe submitted by Sandy Lampe.)

Make in any amount desired

Sandy writes: "Here is a recipe that I have made on Easter for the past 20+ years. And only at that time of the year, since I feel it's a family tradition that I don't want to change. My house is always full at Easter time for this dinner."


Precook kielbasa in water. Save the liquid. Cut the kielbasa into 3 inch or so pieces. Precook a ham with bone (not canned ham). Save the liquid. Slice the ham. Put them on platters. Have hard-boiled eggs, decorated for Easter. (Alternately, you can put the names of your guest on one egg, and that egg will be placed into their bowl as a place marker. Place decorated eggs in a bowl on the table.) This can be done a day or two ahead.

Take the broth from both the kielbasa and ham, mix them together. Add some milk to the broth, until it is the color of pale white water. Then add a small amount of horseradish. Add cornstarch and water, not to thicken it. It should still be a broth consistency. Add salt to taste.

When the guests are seated, a prayer is said to thank God. Then the eggs are cracked open, and shells go into a bowl to throw away. The egg is cut up into the bowl (everyone loves to use the egg slicer), with some kielbasa and ham, cut up into bite-size pieces. Then the hostess/host takes the bowl to the stove where some hot broth is poured on top. If anyone prefers more horseradish they can put some on top and mix it into their bowl.

Hot bread from the bread maker is a great addition. I sometimes add honey to the butter. Or you can use a flavored seedless jam. I have also used frozen bread and braided it into a basket, then used it for a centerpiece to hold the colored eggs. A bunny is made from the other bread.

About Sandy: Sandy is a cousin I discovered when searching for genealogy information on the Internet. We were able to share a lot of information about our respective family members. I am so glad she decided to add some of her recipes to the site. Her e-mail address is

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