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Cheddar Cheese-Olive Spread

Makes about 3/4 cup spread

This cheese spread was one of my mother's recipes. It was always one of my favorite fillings for her party sandwiches recipe, which is in the similar and related recipes links, but is also good on crackers or toasts. I think it is the only recipe in which Mom used processed jarred cheddar cheese, but it works perfectly. The type she used was a sharp cheddar spread, but you can use your favorite. Whether as a cracker or sandwich spread, this recipe is a quick and easy delight for entertaining or finger food buffets.


Blend together until well combined. Serve immediately, or refrigerate until needed, then bring to room temperature.

Notes: If using as a sandwich filling, spread thinly. The recipe will yield three or four whole sandwiches, each of which can be cut into four party-sized triangles.