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Creamy Strawberry Trifle

Serves 8 to 10

A trifle is a dessert layered with cake, fruit or berries and usually a custard that is sometimes combined with whipped cream. This strawberry trifle recipe just uses whipped cream, omitting the custard, and is mixed together with the cake rather than layered. It is so easy and delicious. The whipped topping helps stabilize the dessert so leftovers keep well in the refrigerator. If you know most of the trifle will be eaten at one sitting, by all means make your own whipped cream.


Place the strawberries in a large bowl. Crush slightly with a potato masher or fork to make some juice. Add the lemon juice and sugar. Taste for sweetness. Place in the refrigerator to macerate at least one hour. Just before serving, break the lady fingers or cake into bite-size pieces and add to the berries with the whipped topping. Combine well. Place in a large glass bowl and top with whole berries, or serve in individual bowls.

Notes: Lady fingers or sponge cake are commonly used in a trifle. However, any vanilla cake you like can be used, such as pound cake.