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Recipe for Leftover Potato Soup

Makes in any amount

I must admit that I rarely use instant potato flakes, but I used to keep them in my pantry because my family enjoyed them now and then. They work very well in this recipe for using leftovers of my grandfather's potato soup, which is in the similar and related recipes.

This is a natural and so easy to do. I had made too much potato soup and had some leftover. Several days later, I was trying to decide what side dish to make for another meal. I noticed the soup and knew it had to be used. So, I reheated it, mashed the potatoes and added instant potato flakes to make Mashed Potatoes. It worked perfectly and no one knew they were eating leftovers until I told them. The soup added fresh flavor to the instant potatoes, and the instant potatoes thickened the broth.

Notes: This same method will work with other milky vegetable soups, such as the Easy Vegetable Chowder recipe in the similar and related recipes links.