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Oysters with Apple Cider Vinegar

Serves 4

Only the Pennsylvania Dutch would think of eating oysters with apple cider vinegar. This was my grandfather's favorite appetizer before Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently, back in the day, a man would drive through the town selling fresh oysters from his truck when they were in season. My mother absolutely loved oysters made this way. Actually, it is not so unusual to serve oysters with vinegar. There is a vinegar-based French sauce called a mignonette that is often used with raw oysters, but I have never seen a version with apple cider vinegar, which was the PA Dutch vinegar of choice for everything. Oyster cocktails made this way are a quick and easy seafood appetizer for any occasion.


Shuck the oysters, keeping the oyster and juices in half of the shell. Place 6 shells on each serving plate. Drizzle each oyster with about 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar, more or less according to taste. Season with salt and pepper. Serve immediately.

Notes: Actually, my grandfather was never that fancy. He just placed the oysters and juices in a small bowl, adding the vinegar, salt and pepper. My mother used to purchase shucked oysters and do the same. Nowadays, we have to be very cautious about eating raw oysters or clams. Be certain to purchase them from a reputable fish monger. If you do not want to eat raw oysters, this would be very good using oysters that are poached or broiled just until hot, but still plump and juicy.