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Multigrain Pizza Dough

Makes one 12-inch round or 15x10-inch pizza

This recipe for pizza dough is a nice change from the usual white crust. I especially enjoy it with pizza that has cooked greens in the topping, such as the pizza with broccoli rabe in the similar and related recipes, but it is equally good with any toppings. If you are trying to eat more whole grains, but are not quite ready for 100% whole wheat, also in the similar and related recipes, this is a good starting point. The fact that it can be mixed and kneaded in a bread machine is a plus. However, you can prepare the dough in a heavy-duty mixer or by hand. See the notes below for doubling the recipe.


Make dough according to the bread machine directions for pizza or regular dough setting. Check after 5 minutes and add a little flour if the dough is sticky, or a little water if too dry. Dough can be used immediately or refrigerated for several hours until needed. It can also be frozen for several months. Roll out, add toppings and bake according to your favorite pizza recipe.

Notes: This dough is equal to a one pound loaf in your bread machine. The recipe can be adjusted for two pizzas (a two pound loaf) by doubling all of the ingredients with the following exceptions: use 2 teaspoons salt, 2-3/4 cups all-purpose flour and 1-1/2 cups whole grain flour.