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Valentine's Day Recipes and Menu

Valentine's Day is a special celebration that lends itself to elegant dining. You can make reservations at your favorite restaurant, but it is more meaningful to surprise that certain someone with your cooking talents and an intimate dinner, not to mention much less expensive. Plan ahead, choose a menu that is relatively easy, set your finest table, and share the fun by getting your partner involved in the preparations. If you are currently unattached, take the opportunity to share good food with family and friends, or make a special meal for your own pleasure.

This year, I chose an elegant and delicious menu, featuring Lobster Tails Sautéed in Butter, that is simple enough for the novice, fun for the more experienced cook, and certain to impress. All of the recipes are quick, easy and require minimal preparation. If you do not find what you are looking for, each recipe includes links to similar dishes, and there are additional choices for fine dining on the Easy Recipes for Elegant Entertaining page. You can also use the links and search box above, or browse through the entire collection in the Recipe Files. I hope you and yours will find some favorites. Happy Valentine's Day!

Preparation Notes: The chocolate mousse can be made one day ahead, covered and refrigerated. The remainder of the menu can be prepared when needed. However, if you have time earlier in the day, remove the shells from the lobster tails, rinse the tomatoes and store both in the refrigerator until needed. Make the whipped cream for the dessert, spoon it into a strainer set over a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Set a beautiful table using your best linens, plates and silverware. Plan to prepare and serve the first course before dinner. Ask your partner to help prepare the main course dishes, all of which take very little time to cook. See the individual recipes for details. Finally, serve the dessert and enjoy your special time together.