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Corned Beef Spread

Makes about 1-1/2 cups

This recipe for corned beef spread is super easy and very good on crackers or crostini. Additionally, it is excellent as a filling for party or tea sandwiches, as in the recipe in the similar and related recipes. This was my mother's original recipe. Back in the day, she did not own a processor and she never had a desire to use one when they became available. Although this spread is very easy to mix by hand, you can do it in a processor.


Combine all ingredients, starting with a little mustard and horseradish and adding more as desired. Mash until very fine. Cover and refrigerate until needed.

Notes: If using a processor, be careful not to make the mixture too pasty. If using as a sandwich filling, the spread will yield five or six whole sandwiches, each of which will be cut into four party-sized triangles.