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Easy Cinnamon Toast

Make any amount desired

It occurred to me that there might be people who have never tasted this special treat. We had cinnamon toast often as children, and it is just as enjoyable for adults who want something a little sweet for breakfast or a snack. The recipe is very easy. Use any type of bread you prefer and as much or little of the other ingredients as desired. Personally, I like whole wheat bread, a little butter and sugar, and lots of cinnamon.

For an easy homemade cinnamon bread recipe made in the bread machine, see the similar and related recipes.


Toast the bread. (Use your toaster or, for larger batches, lay the bread on a sheet pan and use the broiler, turning to toast both sides.) Spread one side of the toast with softened butter. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon and sugar. Broil until the topping melts and bubbles, being careful not to burn. Serve immediately.