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Ice Cream Parfaits

Make in any amount

This is a very easy, delicious and festive dessert that is perfect for any special occasion. I remember that my mother often ordered a Creme de Menthe parfait to end a restaurant meal because it was so light and refreshing. Other choices, including some non-alcoholic sauces, are in the variations below.

   Optional Garnishes

To assemble, place enough ice cream to half fill a wine glass or champagne flute. Add liqueur or sauce as desired. Fill remainder of glass with additional ice cream. Top with whipped cream and optional garnishes.

Variations: Any liqueur can be used, as can any ice cream that complements the flavor. Creme de menthe is really special and refreshing. Garnish with mint leaves. One of my favorites is Kahlua or other coffee liqueur, which can be garnished with shaved chocolate. For a non-alcohol parfait, use a good chocolate sauce, berry sauce, or even espresso, and garnish accordingly. Some of the toppings, such as the nuts, berries or granola, can be added between the layers.