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Eggs Fried in Olive Oil and Garlic

Serves 2 to 4

I enjoy serving eggs for dinner on occasion and this Italian-style recipe is one of my favorites. Served with a salad and some good crusty bread, it makes a quick, easy and healthy vegetarian main dish. However, fried eggs with garlic are equally delicious for breakfast. The recipe can be made in any amount, serving one or two eggs per person. For something a little different, see my fried eggs served on baby greens in the similar and related recipes.


Heat a medium skillet over medium-high heat. Add the olive oil and heat again. Add the garlic, then break in the eggs. (Be careful not to burn the garlic. It is good if it turns slightly golden. If you are making several batches of eggs in a smaller pan, which might be easier than cooking 4 at a time, use only a portion of the garlic and remove it from the pan, adding fresh before cooking the next eggs.) Season with salt and pepper. If desired, flip the eggs when browned to cook them over light. Fry until desired doneness. Serve immediately, drizzling some of the oil from the pan on toasted bread as an accompaniment.