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Recipe for Leftover Cooked Turnips

Make in any amount

Turnips and Greens Soup Recipe Photo

Leftover cooked turnips can be reheated as is. However, if you need to stretch the amount for another meal, or just want to do something a little different, turn them into a Turnip Soup. This soup can be made just as easily from scratch using the original, which is in the similar and related recipes, adding a little more broth and turnip greens.

If desired, break up the turnips and any meat with which they were cooked so that the pieces are a little smaller. In a pot large enough to hold the turnips, cook some frozen turnip greens in a little water just until tender. Add the turnips meat and the broth to the greens. More than likely, you will have enough broth from the turnips but, if necessary, add some chicken or vegetable broth, or more water. Heat the soup and serve with rye bread.