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Grilled Tarragon Chicken Breasts

Serves 4

As with any grilled chicken breast, this recipe is quick, easy and healthy. Just be careful not to overcook the chicken or it will be very dry. I love the mild anise flavor that the tarragon adds to the dish, especially when fresh is available at the market or in my garden.


Place chicken breasts in shallow dish. Place the remaining ingredients in a small bowl and combine well with fork or small whisk. Pour marinade over chicken, being certain to get some on both sides of breasts. Let stand for 30 minutes or refrigerate for several hours. Meanwhile, heat grill. Grill the breasts until just cooked through, turning to brown both sides, about 20 minutes depending on thickness. Remove from grill, tent with foil and let rest about 5 minutes before serving.

Notes: This can also be made indoors using a grill pan, under the broiler or in a skillet with just a little olive oil.