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Ham Salad (for Salad or Sandwiches)

Makes about 1-3/4 cups

Ham salad is a great way to use leftover baked ham. This recipe came from my mother. She served it as a main dish salad and, most often, in sandwiches. You can adjust the ingredients to taste and make the recipe in any amount desired. If you do not have leftover ham, purchase your favorite thick-sliced ham from the deli. For something similar, see the ham spread in the similar and related recipes, which is delicious on crackers and in party or tea sandwiches.


Mix together the first 4 ingredients. Gradually add the mayonnaise until salad has the desired amount of moisture. Taste for flavor. Add more relish or lemon juice if desired. Serve as is or in sandwiches.

Notes: The ham can be cut as small or large as you want. For a finer texture, mince it in a processor or with a meat grinder. Mom never used it, but you could add a little mustard to the ingredients.