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Grilled Spam and Cheese Sandwiches

Makes 5 sandwiches

Spam? The truth is that I have not had spam for years, but when I was young it was quite popular. My mother rarely used canned meats but did so on occasion when she had a part time job and less time to spend in the kitchen. The spam dish she made that I remember most was baked spam with a mustard-brown sugar glaze. This recipe brings back memories of my father who was probably the person who requested spam the most. Sometimes, when the coals were still hot after he was done grilling something else, he would grill some spam to make these sandwiches for a snack. They were so good. He sliced the spam very thin and grilled it until it was crispy on the outside. Since it was sliced so thin, there was very little of the soft interior. Sometimes he made them specifically for dinner. I included optional garnishes but, as I recall, we usually had just spam, cheese, butter on the bottom bun and a little mustard on the top. In any case, I wanted to share this recipe because spam is still popular and it might be a preparation you have not tried.

   Optional Garnishes

Slice the spam into 10 pieces about 1/4-inch thick. Heat an outdoor grill or grill pan on high. Grill the spam until nicely browned and slightly crisp on both sides. Top with the cheese and grill until melted. Set aside. Split the buns and grill the inside until lightly toasted. Spread the bottom halves with a little butter. Place 2 pieces of spam, slightly overlapping, on each of the bottom buns. If desired, top with onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise or mustard before closing the sandwiches. Enjoy!

Notes: If spam is not your meat of choice, these sandwiches are also very good with grilled ham. They would also work very well with thick-sliced bologna.