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Fried Pork Sandwiches with Dill Pickles

Makes 6 sandwiches

I do not eat fried foods very often, but this recipe is a nice change from the ordinary sandwich. I absolutely love the German-inspired combination of the dill pickles, mustard and Swiss cheese with the fried pork. If you do not eat pork, you can substitute chicken breast. This recipe can be made in any amount desired.


Brush both sides of the pork with the stone-ground mustard. Place the flour in a bowl or on a paper plate. Mix together the breadcrumbs, garlic powder, oregano, salt and pepper. Dip each pork slice into the flour and shake off excess. Then dip into the egg wash, and finally into the breadcrumbs, coating both sides. Place on a baking rack and refrigerate about 30 minutes to ensure that the coating sticks during frying.

Heat just enough oil to thoroughly cover the bottom of a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the pork, in batches if necessary, and fry until brown and done, about 3 minutes per side, being careful not to overcook. Place the pork on a cooling rack to drain the excess oil.

Meanwhile, if desired, lightly toast the cut side of the rolls under the broiler. Place one piece of pork on each bottom roll. Top with cheese and return to the broiler just until melted. Top with the pickle slices. Spread mayonnaise or mustard on the cut side of the top rolls and place on top of sandwiches. Serve immediately.

Notes: Although this recipe is delicious with fried pork, I have made it with grilled pork and it is still very good. I cut the pork slices when I purchase a whole loin. If you prefer to use boneless chops and they are too thick, slice each horizontally to make two portions and pound as needed.