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Cocktail Sausage Wraps

Makes 24 sausage wraps

It is my guess that you have had these sausage wraps, commonly called pigs in a blanket, at many a cocktail party or finger food buffet. I suspect the first recipe came from the original crescent roll manufacturer. I decided to add a flavor twist with cheese, mustard and onion, any of which is optional. It takes minimal extra effort to create something that will surprise your guests. This recipe can be made in any amount needed.


Heat oven to 375° F. Spread the dough lightly with mustard. Separate into 8 triangles. Cut each triangle into 3 triangles. Press a little cheese and onion onto each triangle. Place the sausages on the short side of the triangle and roll up. Place on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake until golden brown, about 15 minutes. Serve warm with some extra mustard for dipping.

Notes: This recipe can be altered as desired. The mustard, cheese or onions can be omitted. Other condiments can be added as long as they don't contain too much moisture.