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Chinese-Style Barbecue Sauce

Makes about 3/4 cup sauce

This Chinese-flavored barbecue sauce recipe is a quick and easy preparation to use when roasting or grilling many types of meats, poultry and seafood. Brush it on as the meat cooks, or use it as a marinade before cooking. It is also very good drizzled on cooked vegetables to add an Oriental flavor. The amount of sauce this recipe yields is enough for up to two pounds of meat.


In a small bowl, mix together all of the ingredients except the sherry. Spread over the meat or other food and, if desired, let marinate for about 30 minutes. Remove excess before roasting or grilling.

Notes: If a drizzling sauce is desired for the final presentation, make extra sauce and reserve a portion before marinating. Place in a small saucepan with the sherry and boil until reduced by about one-third. This recipe can easily be doubled.